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Boo Bear the Jack Russell Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Boo Bear
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Home: Tigard, Oregon, USA
      This is my Jack Russell "Boo LaBowski" also known as Boo Bear, or just plain Boo. She is six months old, and lives in Tigard, Oregon. My brother has a Lab mix, Roscoe, who has become her mentor, best dog friend, and protector. We say he's her boyfriend, and they will cuddle on the couch, despite the extreme size difference.

     Boo is a small pup, and does not have much fluff, so does wear a sweater when it is cold out. But she does not seem to mind, and it's better than being cold. She is a busy girl, with two speeds - full out and dead stop. She is pretty smart, and picks up on new tricks or commands quickly - especial if there is a treat involved. We all love her.

Boo Bear the Jack Russell Terrier, the Dog of the Day

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