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Dog of the Day
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Skyler the Pit Bull Mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Skyler
Age: Six -seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Home: Whittier, California, USA
   My mom and sister were at the library walking to their car when they spotted a box with a puppy's head poking out of it. It was in the middle of July, about 100 ° F (38°C) so they quickly took the box home, seeing there were three puppies inside. We immediately placed cool wet rags on them to cool them down so they wouldn't get sick or die. After nursing them back to health, we started finding homes for them.

     Skyler's brother went to a nice family along with his sister. We gave Skyler to our grandma who soon found out he was getting bigger and a bit of a mischief maker. She gave him back and my uncle actually named him Skyler. By now, we all were already attached and kept him. Sierra, our other dog, acted as a sister and took care of him as if she were his mother. He grew up into a handsome dog and loved people, minus sometimes doing his job by guarding the house. A lot of people fear pit bulls, saying they're mean and scary, but really, it's the way you raise your dog. Skyler is the most gentle and sweetest dog we've ever owned. In thunderstorms, he curls up literally on mom's lap like a baby.

     We taught him many tricks and he probably would do anything for food. He loves to sit on my bed and look out the window. He will also wait for us to wake up and greet us, play with his little brother and strangely sleeps in his crate all his own. He is the sweetest dog and is my friend who has helped me a lot in the hard times of my life. He truly is my best friend.

Skyler the Pit Bull Mix, the Dog of the Day
Skyler the Pit Bull Mix, the Dog of the Day

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