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Rusty the Beagle mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rusty
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Beagle mix
Home: Michigan, USA
   Rusty, my first ever dog, is extremely nice and very friendly. He barks a lot at the other dogs next door, but when he's inside, he's very quiet. He knows some tricks, such as roll over, shake, and sit. He loves meeting other pets, running around in his backyard, sleeping, and eating snacks. Some people thinks he looks intimidating, when he's actually a lover, not a fighter.

     As you can tell, he has the perfect coloring of a beagle, but he is huge for a beagle! We do not know what he is mixed with, but we do know he's at least half beagle for sure. He has a little hamster friend, and he loves her! Whenever he sees her, he just wants to run over and sniff her! He also has a dog friend, which is a dachshund named Ella, and he loves to run around and play with her!

     Rusty thinks he's a cat sometimes, and a human others. He always sits on the back of the couch and sleeps on it, and he also sleeps on the couch arm rest. Sometimes he sleeps like a human, his head is on the pillow and lying on his side. He also knows when someone is sad, whenever he notices it, he'll walk up and sit next to you and lick the tears off your face. He loves people, and I love him.

Rusty the Beagle mix, the Dog of the Day Rusty the Beagle mix, the Dog of the Day Rusty the Beagle mix, the Dog of the Day

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