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Brody the Pit bull mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Brody
Age: One year old
Gender: Male Breed: Pit bull mix
Home: North Versailles, Pennsylvania, USA
   We got Brody when he was three months old. He was at an animal rescue in our area. We were looking for a playmate for our then three-year-old pit bull, Chloe.

     I knew a puppy was the only way to go for her. We went to the rescue with another female in mind. Brody, though, was the only puppy available. They brought him in to meet us and he was so tiny and a bit timid. At first he sat in the corner then slowly inched closer to us. The next thing we knew he was trying to climb up on my shoulder.

     When the rescue employees came back in they told us his story. He was found last winter alone on a street corner at two months old. It was very, very cold at that time. I was heartbroken looking at him. That is when we knew it ... he was the one!

     Since coming into our lives he is now thriving and healthy. He loves to cuddle and play with his big sister Chloe, they run and play all day. He has even picked up some cool tricks like walking on his hind legs across the room, or jumping over his sister like he is a show horse. He is very afectionate and loving, and his favorite thing to do is cuddle with his mommy. Which is fine with me!

Brody the Pit bull mix, the Dog of the Day Brody the Pit bull mix, the Dog of the Day

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