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Ellie the Cocker Spaniel mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ellie
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female Breed: Cocker Spaniel mix
Home: San Antonio, Texas, USA
   Hey! This is my Ellie and she is the greatest dog in the world. I rescued her from someone who couldn't take care of her very well. They had too many dog and she was covered in fleas! Despite her background she has been more than loving towards me and everyone else.

     Although Cocker Spaniels are thought of as "ladies," Ellie likes to get very messy! She enjoys nothing more than being outside and running around. She loves playing fetch, but she hasn't quite grasped brining the toy back so I can throw it again. Ellie can't stand being alone she has to be in the middle of what everyone is doing. She is in her chewing phase right now but luckily she knows to stay away from my shoes!

     Me and my boyfriend call her the diva of the house because she knows she can get away with anything as long as she looks at me with those cute eyes. She even has to sleep at the top of the bed under the covers with us. I'm so glad I rescued her because in return she has done greater things for me! There is never a dull night with Ellie around, and she will forever make me happy!

Ellie the Cocker Spaniel mix, the Dog of the Day

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