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Piper the Toy Poodle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Piper
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Toy Poodle
Home: Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA
   When I was a kid, I was afraid of dogs, that is until we got our first dog, Maggie, a black lab mix. After we got Maggie, I grew close to her and grew to love dogs. So when she started getting older, I couldn't imagine her dying: I couldn't imagine life without a dog. Besides that, Maggie was considered the family dog, and I wanted a dog of my own.

     It just so happened that I visited a friend's house, and heard barking. They told me they had a dog, so I asked to see it. They let it out of the crate, and it was the cutest little bundle of fur. Her name was Oreo, and her birthdate was May 16, 2008. She was a gray toy poodle. Their young daughter proceeded to carry her around awkwardly. She was only three and she didn't know how to hold her, and her mother didn't have time to monitor the girl's interactions with Oreo. Additionally, they did not have much of a yard: they lived in an upstairs apartment. So Oreo's only location for eliminating, was a wooden deck accessed by a sliding door off of the kitchen. She didn't have access to a yard.

     I was concerned for Oreo's health. She was a tiny poodle, weighing a mere five pounds, and a three-year-old girl was carrying her around by her neck. And Oreo had the sweetest disposition, and would never growl or let the girl know how scared she was. Likely I was being overly concerned, but I casually mentioned to her owner that I was concerned for Oreo's safety, and that if they ever decided to get rid of her, I was interested in her. Her mother agreed she was concerned, but they were very attached to Oreo; and rightfully so, she was the sweetest dog ever.

     Several weeks later, my mother received a phone call. Oreo's owner was concerned for Oreo's health. Oreo had started having accidents on the couch, because she was afraid of the little girl. So the owner said she would give Oreo to us. I was thrilled! We intended to meet up, and half an hour before her owner was supposed to arrive, she called and changed her mind. She said her daughter was too distraught and she couldn't go through with it. I was heartbroken.

     I still very much wanted a dog, and one that didn't shed. So we decided to browse rescues for poodles. We found another dark gray/black poodle: Fritz. We told the foster mother that we were interested so we went to visit Fritz. I loved him. But there was one thing I was concerned of: he was lap possessive. Anytime another dog went near him, he growled and snapped. I was convinced I could train him not to do that, and besides that one issue, he seemed the perfect dog. We were about to commit to Fritz, when we received a call from Oreo's owner again. She had decided to go through with getting Oreo. I was afraid she was going to change her mind again, but this time she followed through. I got my first dog.

     I changed Oreo's name to Piper, a new name for a new start. She has been the best first dog anyone could ever ask for! Unlike Maggie, who never played fetch, Piper loves to play fetch! She also loves to cuddle and snuggle. She is extremely well potty trained and loves to roll in the grass. She loves all people, and gets along well with other dogs. She has the most adorable little gate: she prances. She's also highly intelligent: she can sit, lie down, spin, shake, crawl, and more. She's a complete sweetheart, and everyone who meets her wishes they had a Piper. I always tell them I wish I had a copier and could make tons of Pipers, because she's just the sweetest dog.

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