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Chubby the Heeler mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Chubby
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Heeler mix
Home: Oregon, USA
   Chubby is my beloved Heeler mutt, his exact mix is unknown. Chubby is a 100lb lap dog... or more like whole body dog! He was a very shy puppy, but now will go up to anyone that looks friendly at the dog park. He enjoys his "chewys" like old slippers and rope toys, but most of all, chasing the horses (from the outside of the fence of course. He knows he's not allowed inside).

     Chub, or Boo-boo as I often call him, is like my kid, even being dragged along to a staff meeting at work from time to time. I want to get a tattoo of his paw print, but haven't found where its going to fit on me yet! He deserves to be honored because everyone that meets him falls in love instantly!!!

Chubby the Heeler mix, the Dog of the Day Chubby the Heeler mix, the Dog of the Day

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