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Cyanide the Labrador Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cyanide
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
   Cyanide is a princess. She runs the house, and everyone knows it. She is very protective and keeps her family safe. She does not allow anyone to hit anyone else. Don't even try to hit yourself if she's looking, she'll seriously block your hand. She loves wearing bows around her neck, and having pretend makeup put on her face. She is full of character.

     My husband and I had a lot of trouble choosing a name for her. I don't actually know how Cyanide came up, but it was the only thing we agreed on. She was meant to be a guard dog, and we felt like it made her sound dangerous. It ended up just being ironic. She's incredibly sweet and affectionate. She's protective, but even then, she refuses to bite anyone hard enough to actually hurt them.

     We actually just call her "Cy" most of the time. She loves to snuggle. She likes playing chase, and sometimes she'll play fetch but usually after she gets whatever you throw, she just lays down to chew on it. She'll sit, stay, lay down, and high five. She'll also come running if she hears someone shout in the kitchen because she assumes that means food has been dropped. She likes to watch wrestling documentaries. That sounds insane, but she really likes Hulk Hogan's voice I guess.

     I wanted a puppy basically the day I got married. My husband found out a few months after the wedding that he would be deploying to Iraq shortly after that (this was in 2008), so that convinced him to get me a dog to keep me safe. She was the biggest scaredy puppy, but I don't know how I would have gotten through that year long deployment right after getting married without her.

     She is eight years old, she'll be nine later this year. She's pretty good with small non-dog animals, she loves to be around much bigger dogs, but she's terrified of small dogs. She makes a few facial expressions that she had to have picked up from my husband, and looks just like him sometimes, which is hilarious. Her personality is very much like me, though. Everyone who meets her is amazed how she's like a girly, furry, dog version of me. We can't go anywhere without her making friends. She's just so pretty, we can't even walk to the mailbox without someone stopping us to meet her. She loves the attention!

Cyanide the Labrador Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day Cyanide the Labrador Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day Cyanide the Labrador Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day Cyanide the Labrador Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day

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