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Jasper the West Highland Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jasper
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male Breed: West Highland Terrier
Home: Doraville, Georgia, USA
   Jasper is a West Highland Terrier. Westies have a very humanlike personality about them, they look at you as if asking a question at times. I just love the breed. They are very funny dogs too, and Jasper is no exception.

     Jasper is a hunter, he loves chasing squirrels and hates the cat that invades his yard. If he got out the front door he"d probably chase the cat through the neighborhood. They were bred to kill rats and he's a great hunter. He loves giving me kisses, when I pucker up my lips he will kiss me [but not my husband]. hHe is my bed buddy along with another Westie. They are independent and do not always will listen. He does know a great trick though ... we have a set of hanging bells at our backdoor and when he needs or wants out he will ring those bells. If noone responds soon he will hit it harder next time and will continue untill you open back door. I had an Australian Shepherd, too and he was eight years older, and I'm sure he helped teach Jasper to do that because he knew it, too. My other Westie will just sit at door and bark.

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