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Anton the Papillon, the Dog of the Day
Name: Anton
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: Papillon
Home: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
   Hello! I'm Anton. After two family dogs which were both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, I'm mom's first Papillon. I have a floppy ear but she loves it.

     Outside I avoid mud and puddles and when I return home, I clean my paws. Perhaps I was a cat in my previous life. In fact I'm pretty talkative too but not as much as when I was a puppy. So surely I was a Siamese cat ;)

     My mom describes my character as shy and playful. Although I always want to stay near her, I'm not a cuddle dog. I'm observant and watch the garden to make sure that everything is all right. Sometimes my human and I have different opinions about that, though.

     Like most dogs I love treats and I will stand on my hind legs or do a Twist (turning around myself) for them. Running is my favorite game if I play with other dogs, and searching for hidden treats is my favorite if my human plays with me.

Anton the Papillon, the Dog of the Day Anton the Papillon, the Dog of the Day

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