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Buttons the Yorkshire Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Buttons
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home: North Carolina, USA
   I would like to introduce you to our little Buttons. She is a Yorkshire Terrier and these pictures are from when she turned one year old, which was Sunday December 9th, 2012. She has been the light of my and my husband's lives since that March. I registered her name to be Mia-Belle Luci after a dear friend of mine but my husband wanted to call her Buttons. So we now just use the name Buttons.

     I had struggled for years not truly knowing whether I wanted another pet after the loss of our Shih-Tzu, Casey. My friend had gotten her two Yorkies and I dearly loved them. Her breeder had a little girl she was wanting to sell. My husband said "No," and by the time he would agree to say yes, the pup was sold. My friend asked on Facebook did anyone know of anyone who had a female Yorkie pup for sale. Immediately a breeder from Lexington responded and that is how we got our precious little Buttons.

     Buttons loves everyone and has to be the center of attention. When we sit down, Buttons immediately comes with a toy for you to throw. She loves to tug with her toys and squeeze them to hear them squeak. She has put a claim on my husband's recliner. She runs to get in it first if she thinks my husband is headed that way. He always makes room for her to get in her favorite spot right beside him. She is one spoiled ROTTEN little Yorkie. I have gotten her little harness vest dresses to wear and she loves to dress up. When she sees me open a package, she immediately has to check it out. She acts like she knows it is for her. Sometimes she will even get on the bed for me to put it on. Neither I or my husband can imagine how we did without such a precious little one. She is truly a blessing in both our lives.

Buttons the Yorkshire Terrier, the Dog of the Day Buttons the Yorkshire Terrier, the Dog of the Day

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