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Margo the Greyhound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Margo
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Greyhound
Home: North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
   Margo adopted us in last Feburary. She is a retired racer who runs around in circles in our yard with her adopted brother Monty. She is clearly the boss even though Monty is a lot bigger. She loves sleeping, running and nudging humans.

     Margo is affectionate in an independent way. She makes it very clear when she wants love. She will stand in front of you and give "puppy dog" eyes. Than she will lean against you for as long as you are willing to pet and scratch her. Her disposition is very docile and gentle. When she is not pestering her adopted brother Monty by play nipping his neck and hopping in front of him, she sprints around the backyard at top speed.

     Margo volunteers twice a month at a local hospital and her calm personality puts patients and staff at ease. Often patients tell her that she "made their day." Since she is a retired racer, she does live a peaceful life in retirement and it seems as if her favorite pastime is sleeping on her big fluffy bed.

     Margo is our first Greyhound and we love her dearly.

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