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Bucky and Gabby the Dalmatians, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bucky, Gabby
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male, Female Breed: Dalmatian
Home: Houston, Texas, USA
   Gabby and Bucky were adopted from Recycled Canines. I am an empty nester with two kids in college and didn't intend to get any more pets after the passing of my first Dalmatian, Maddie, who grew up with my children. I started fostering and fell in love with Gabby and then adopted Bucky about six months later. They are my Yin and Yang. When children see them they say, "Look, one is black with white spots and one is white with black spots!!!" We are not sure of their ages as they are adopted from the rescue group, Recycled Canines - approximately three and five I would guess.

      Gabby is very affectionate. She is laid back until she kicks into "hunting" mode. She is not fan of cats or squirrels. She moos like a cow when she is comfortable and content. Gabby loves to run next to a bicycle and has great stamina. She has an unusual way of sitting, it's not very lady like!!! But she is our lovey girl.

      Bucky was adopted for a year and his family did not want him anymore because he had developed epilepsy so he was returned to the rescue group. He had five grand mal seizures the first weekend I fostered him. After getting him on medication he has been seizure free ever since. He loves to play fetch with his ball and he's a great swimmer. He has lost down to his healthy weight and every day he seems even more comfortable and happy than he was the day before. One of Bucky's mischievous habits is attacking rolls of toilet paper whenever he can get away with it!

      I love my spotty pair!

Bucky and Gabby the Dalmatians, the Dog of the Day Bucky the Dalmatian, the Dog of the Day

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