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Blue the Weimaraner, the Dog of the Day
Name: Blue
Age: Seven and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Weimaraner
Home: East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
   Hi Everybody! I'm Blue, but I'm certainly not sad ... my Mom and Dad rescued me last winter when I was six and a half years old. They are such wonderful parents ... they let me up to snuggle on the couches, give me the best doggie treats and even dress me up! When we first met, I was a little scared and confused after being abandoned, but they quickly showed me how safe and loved I would be with them. They even signed me up for "private school! " (See how handsome and debonair I look in my cap and gown on graduation day. It was a very proud moment for me. I love to go on long walks (especially on vacation at LBI) and I love all the kids in my neighborhood. We call my neighbors who love me, Blue fans ... everybody seems to know me even if they don't know Mom and Dad! I am so happy and I can tell that my family is, too!

     Blue is a wonderful addition to our family. We wanted to adopt/rescue a dog and when we came across this boy in a local shelter, we knew he was the one! Never knowing how crazy Weims can be, we took him home and quickly realized how quirky he really was, and even suspect he may have been abused! From bloat to some anxiety issues, he has definitely been a challenge, but when we look into his beautiful amber eyes, we see he's worth every bit!

     He is very good with kids and likes most people we meet. He is very funny, too - He refuses to go out in the rain. Even with treats and lures, he just sits and plants himself in front of the door! He also has a cute morning stretch that ends with an amusing waggle of his little tail. We call it doggie yoga! We love our boy and are so happy that we found him and so lucky that he found us!

Blue the Weimaraner, the Dog of the Day

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