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Tigger the Maltese mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tigger
Age: Unknown, young
Gender: Male Breed: Maltese mix
Home: Quebec, Canada
   I am so pleased to have Tigger. Every day he makes progress. All my friends love Tigger too. He loves to go for a walk, and love to jump into the high grass. He already understands to go out for pee and poo! He is good at doing his little pee in the kitchen on the special tray with the pad during the night. ( I started by putting it on the floor near my bed, from the beginning, near his bed, with two pads. Now, he is going to where I moved it in the kitchen by himself.) I went on Monday to see the vet for the blood test (before his neuter, next week on Monday), and Tigger has gained over two kilos!

     He is very intelligent, he remembers all the people and the places we go, and the walk. Like any little young dog, he has to run a lot and play. This is what we do at home. He loves to be in the car. I carry him on my seat. (I put a long plastic box with his towel between our two seats. Now he is going in to it by himself, as soon as we open the car door.) He has plenty of toys and loves them all.

     Sunday, we are going for the first obedience class. I am so exited to see him and to be learning new things with Tigger. Tigger behaves very well with everybody. I love him very much.

Tigger the Maltese mix, the Dog of the Day

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