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Otis the Bullmastiff, the Dog of the Day
Name: Otis
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male Breed: Bullmastiff
Home: St. Charles, Illinois, USA
   As you can see from his toothy grin, Otis is a happy boy. Bullmastiffs were kept long ago as guard dogs for the owners of animal herds. They would pin the thief down on the ground and hold him until the owner came. The breed can be aggressive and aren't supposed to be high on the dog I.Q. list.

     Otis has been raised with tons of affection -lots of hugs and kisses and exposure to both strange dogs and people to socialize him. This has enhanced our efforts doing pet therapy with a group of mentally challenged young people and senior citizens. So, the only thing he is aggressive about is getting a bear hug from you when you enter our house.

     I will say that he is not as trainable as my Labrador, Cody. But herein lies the reason he is so special. There is only one quality that is Otis - where ever he goes- on a walk in the neighborhood to see the little kids, to the senior center, or at home, he unfailingly rewards every persons attention with 140 pounds of pure love. He doesn't need a high I.Q.-- he's got a giant size heart and doesn't think twice about giving it to you.

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