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Augustus the Irish Wolfhound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Augustus
Age: Eight weeks old
Gender: Male Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Home: Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
   My pet is Augustus Traolach and he is eight weeks old. Augustus is an Irish Wolfhound from the Tampa Bay Area of west central Florida.

     What makes Augustus special is, well, everything about him. Of course all puppies are so special, but to me Augustus is stands out as a real character. He loves everyone, getting great enjoyment out of meeting people. His tail goes so fast I worry he's going to lift off the ground.

     The way he loves to kiss my nose, the way he barks so loudly at inanimate objects. His gentle way with children, his enjoyment of sitting by himself staring into the woods, the way learns so quickly, the way he runs like a little horse and the way he loves to dunk his head under water are some of the things that make him so special. He is a character, independent and loving. He has already filled my life with a great deal of love.

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