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Lucy the Cocker Spaniel, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Home: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
      This is our little redheaded Lucy, she's a Cocker Spaniel. Lucy loves to be brushed. Whenever we brush our Old English Sheepdog Oliver, she sits down next to him and waits for her turn. There is so much less of her to brush, mainly her ears a tail, but she loves it so much!

     Lucy loves to sleep in the bed on my pillow. She likes to chase bubbles and tries to catch moths. She has a very sweet personality but does not like to share her toys. She loves to take baths and play in the water. So much so that, when I get ready to take a bath, I have to shut the door. When she hears me turn on the water she runs upstairs and jumps in the tub! Silly Lucy!

     We love her just as she is, and don't let this picture fool you - she is a happy, joyful little dog!

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