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Gemma the Spinone Italiano, the Dog of the Day
Name: Gemma
Age: One year old
Gender: Female Breed: Spinone Italiano
Home: Bonita Springs, Florida, USA
      This is my Grand Dog, Baby Gemma Rose. She just turned a year old and is a Spinone Italiano, a hunting dog breed. We call her Gemma and she definitely is a part of the family as the last child has gone off to college. She loves riding in the car, swimming, retrieving and teasing our pet parrot, Ozzie.

     Gemma Rose or has been the perfect pandemic puppy! At just one year old this Italian Spinone has been on more adventures than most children her age. When she was 3 months old she traveled across country on a road trip to South Dakota to explore Custer State Park with her family. There she hiked/was carried in a puppy backpack to the highest point within the park. Throughout the summer back at home she learned to swim when she leaped off the boat in an attempt to save her mom who was screaming about the cold lake water. Soon after she became a regular paddle boarding pup and eventually went along with the family canoe and kayak trips along the river. Her brother and dad even took her along for their evening barefooting adventures.

     When her siblings all left after summer to go back to school Gemma became fast friends with the family turkeys. Now as a one-year-old, Gemma has begun her hunting training and loves working the fields with her family as she trains to become the best bird dog in the midwest. Throughout winter she even picked up a couple pucks and joined in on the family hockey games and learned how fun it was to ride along on the snowmobiles watching the world go. This pup has surely lived life to the fullest even at just one year old, follow along her ever growing instagram to keep up with her wild adventures.

Gemma the Spinone Italiano, the Dog of the Day Gemma the Spinone Italiano, the Dog of the Day

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