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Waldo the Newfoundland, the Dog of the Day
Name: Waldo
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Newfoundland Dog
Home: New York, New York, USA
   Waldo comes from a long line of champion Newfoundlands. His uncle Zeus was the Westminster champion many times over. But that is not what makes our Waldo special.

     Waldo came to us a little over eight years ago, when he was displaced by an aggressive and dominant uncle. Waldo is the same age as our little daughter, and so the two have grown up together. Despite his immense presence and 140-pound girth, his sweet personality makes him an exemplar gentle giant. In the years that he has been with us, we have heard him bark only twice. He has a strong and beautifully deep voice. He is a dog of little words and uses his body to "speak", albeit occasionally a bit clumsily. Despite his quiet nature, we never have to wonder "where's Waldo", as he always puts himself in the middle of everything, especially if there is food involved. His favorite activity is eating, followed by long naps, and meandering strolls through Manhattan's Central Park. He is never one to be rushed. He loves being brushed and will let you brush him for hours. In the water, he loses any semblance of clumsiness and is a sleek, quiet, and graceful swimmer. He will retrieve all manner of things thrown to him in the water, and will fetch all floaties out of any swimming pool, whether you want him to or not. He also makes for a very warm blanket and will patiently let you read all of War and Peace while using him as a pillow.

     Though intimidating in size, frequently mistaken for a brown bear, and champion drool-flinger, Waldo has over the years, retained his status as King of Central Park and is a permanent fixture in upper Manhattan. Both dogs and people greet him with respect and enthusiasm, though sometimes the smaller dogs will throw themselves aggressively upon him, to Waldo's great amusement. He has never once reacted with aggression in return but would merely swat them off as one might of annoying summer mosquitoes. Always scavenging for something tasty, Waldo has managed to put all kinds of things in his mouth and while we've cleaned that mouth more frequently that we'd like to remember, including putting our entire hands in there, never once have we felt the strength of his powerful jaws over our hands or the piercing sharpness of his teeth against our fingers; he is ever the gentle and tolerant giant.

     Nowadays, he never walks with a leash and is frequently seen crossing Fifth Avenue on his own, his stride deliberately sluggish, yet simultaneously stately. Tourists stop of take selfies with him. The locals walk past, treating him as any other commuter. Other dogs look on enviously from their leash-restrained vantages. Cars slow to give way to the giant beast. He is our sweet, lovable, huggable, and very special Waldo.

Waldo the Newfoundland, the Dog of the Day Waldo the Newfoundland, the Dog of the Day Waldo the Newfoundland, the Dog of the Day Waldo the Newfoundland, the Dog of the Day

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