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Missy the Chow Chow/Keeshond mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Missy
Age: Ten or eleven years old
Gender: Female Breed: Chow Chow/Keeshond mix
Home: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
   Missy is the first dog I've had. I rescued her when she was two or three years old, and she has been with me for eight years now. Missy stole my heart the minute I saw her picture, and she will have it forever.

     When I was growing up, my family always had dogs. When I moved out, naturally I wanted to get one. However, I lived for many years in an apartment and was reluctant to do so until I had more room. So, when I bought my house, I immediately got Missy. Missy has been my constant joy. She is not only very smart, but sweet, funny, and happy.

     Missy's favorite thing to do is go on walks. We walk two times a day, every day and she always gets excited about it. I'm actually not sure who walks whom on our walks, since she usually picks the route and the pace. She loves running into people on her walks. If she sees a person coming, she will begin prancing up to them and smile until she receives a pet on the head or an acknowledgment of her presence. Unfortunately, Missy is not into other dogs as she walks. She becomes very territorial on her leash, and tries to show the other dogs who is boss. When we return from our walks, Missy loves to pounce on her toys, and run in circles with them, as I try to get them from her. She is such a fun-loving pup.

     Missy also loves to chase squirrels. I have french doors that she will stare out. If she spots a squirrel, she will chase it up a tree with a bark that seems to say, "Get out of my yard!" Then, she happily trots back to the doors as if she's done her duty. Missy attends day camp weekly, and is a definite favorite. When the counselors see her coming, and say her name, Missy begins to prance and allows them to pat her, as well as give her treats. Missy is truly my "angel from above." She loves me all the time, no matter what. I know I'll never find another one like her, so I cherish every minute. I always love when people tell me how great it was that I rescued Missy. Seriously, Missy rescued me. Just like the phrase states,who rescued who?.

Missy the Chow Chow/Keeshond mix, the Dog of the Day Missy the Chow Chow/Keeshond mix, the Dog of the Day Missy the Chow Chow/Keeshond mix, the Dog of the Day Missy the Chow Chow/Keeshond mix, the Dog of the Day

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