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Bdawg the German Shepherd/Labrador mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bdawg
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd/Labrador mix
Home: California, USA
   Io make a long story short, Bdawg's mother came to our yard one day as a stray. She turned out to be pregnant, and Bdawg was one of her nine puppies. Our best guess is that she is a a German Shepherd/Labrador mix.

     Bdawg lives with us, her mother, and sister. There are so many things I could name that make her special: from her wrinkles, to her howls when her mom leaves (both her dog mom and human mom!), and to her being shocked at how loud her own voice can be, there's just too much I could say about her! But no matter what, her love sticks out the most. She loves her dog and human family, and she can always cheer you up with some kisses! That's why I nominate Bdawg for Dog of the Day. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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