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Maizie the Corgi mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Maizie
Age: Many years old
Gender: Female Breed: Corgi mix
Home: New York City, New York, USA
   Maizie was a rescue so we don't really know exactly what she is or exactly how old. In her younger days, she used to jump around like a Jack Russell, but she has short legs like a Corgi. Whatever she is, she's a tough old girl. They told us she was horribly abused and kept in a cage. That was long ago, but she still has weird habits like running around in small circles when she's excited. Sometimes she makes funny sounds, more like a yelp than a bark especially if she's greeting her special people.

     She only ever got along with a few other dogs, and now she's too old to play much, but sometimes she likes to visit the dog run and just watch everyone. She has a habit of trying to "herd" cats, people's legs, and anything that moves. These days her hearing is gone, and her eyesight isn't that great either, but she can still find a chicken bone to grab on the street faster than we can stop her.

     She doesn't like strangers and won't stop telling them so when they come to visit. She has to be bribed with food, and even then no one except her special people can pet her. But she loves it when her special people give her belly rubs and lots of attention. Sometimes she rubs against us like a cat. She tries to boss our cats around, but they don't listen. She also lets the young cat grab at her tail. She'll warn him away, but she'd never hurt him, so we think she's a big sweetie underneath.

     Maizie was diagnosed with Cushings disease, and she's had some serious set-backs, but she's rallied and is back to being her usual Maizie self. We know Maizie is very old, but she's still our baby girl.

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