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Rocco the Cocker Spaniel, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rocco
Age: Six years oldd
Gender: Male Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Home: Latina (near Rome), Italy
   This is the story of my Rocco, an approximately six-year-old blue roan cocker. Isn't he so cute? Well, everything begins with my mom having a day like the others, nothing special. But it was a rainy day, and she randomly found two abandoned dogs, with one being a puppy and the other one probably being his mother. We can all imagine that was probably a heart touching moment, and my mom couldn't resist to the idea of leaving them alone under that rain. She eventually brought them home, but that was so unexpected. We never had any dog in our family, and honestly I felt a bit ... uncomfortable. It was just somehow weird.

     In addition, in the beginning it was very stressful to catch up with not one, but two dogs at once, with the puppy defecating all over the house, lol. My mom managed to take care of them anyway, despite having little spare time because of her job, taking them for a walk whenever she could.

     Few weeks passed, and my mom eventually found a missing poster about the owners looking for Rocco's mother. That was the unsuitable name that my mom gave him. His mother was microchipped etc., while he was not. My mom could do nothing but return her beloved companion. The owners explained that the dog has escaped many times, since she was always locked up in the house. When my mom gave her back, the dog didn't want to leave her, refusing to resume that oppressive life style. With her last goodbye, my mom left her.

     But what about the puppy? My mom didn't bring him back, because he technically wasn't microchipped. Also, the owners never mentioned anything about him. It is still unknown if the chipped dog was truly his mother or not. Anyway, if on one hand my mom's heart has been shattered, on the other hand it has been filled with happiness, keeping the little puppy.

     Time passes, and from being a stinky and noisy pet, he soon became my brother. I still remember the first time I was forced to pick up his stinky poop from the ground with a bag.

     I was still finishing high school by the time he was growing, and when there were sunny days, my mom used to pick me up at school with Rocco in the car. He always enjoys sticking his head out of the car window! When we take him out for walks, he always runs somewhere trying to hunt lizards, with that cute booty bouncing up and down as he picks up the pace! Oh boy, you have to see the way he tries to dig holes everywhere!

     He even enjoys tearing off and chewing three bamboo canes, or pine cones! At the end of walking, when we come back home, he relaxes by spreading his legs all the way out, like a frog!

     Anyway... time flies away way too fast, and we all know that dogs, unluckily, can't live long enough. Well, this is probably the most banal, yet important decision that made me spend around $2000 for a Photographic Camera. That may sounds stupid, but other than that reason, I've always wanted to shoot beautiful landscapes with something serious. I've always had a crappy phone! (With terrible autofocus in addition, unusable for videos. Damn Xperia S). But it's just been few weeks since I purchased this camera, but as you can see I managed to practice with my first professional toy by taking pictures of Rocco.

     In the end, let me finish this long story with some of my thoughts I'd like to share. Once you own a dog, you won't turn back. It changes your life. It helps you grow up, civilly and humanly. You start seeing things in a different perspective, you see people differently.

     You know, many people reply with something like: "Dogs aren't better than humans. For example they can't perform surgery, they're just animals like the others". Yes, it is true. But you know what? A dog is the mirror of its owner. Humans have far more superior intellect, but this a double-edged sword. Many of us are monsters, others are angels. Dogs just follow our footsteps. As long as you're a nice person, so the pet will be.

     Lots of people think that having a dog is just a pastime. I can't stand people locking up their poor dogs in doghouses, outside home, or even worse enchained, without letting them to even once take a walk. That's basically a prison, what a shame.

     On the other hand, I'm glad that Rocco found a family who takes care of him just like a baby. He's so lovely and gentle and gets along with everyone! (Except a few other male dogs, but that's their nature.) I dare you to say if he isn't cute! <3

     Sorry for the long story, I really had fun writing it! Hope you enjoyed it and that Rocco melted your hearts! Cheers from Italy!

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