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Penny the Pug, the Dog of the Day
Name: Penny
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pug
Home: Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
      She is the most loving animal ever. She grew up with two other pugs, and my husband and I adopted her from my mother-in-law (grandma)! :-) The two older pugs she lived with were 12 and 13 and died within two weeks of one-another... so we brought her to live with us. She was six years old. We thought she was maybe lonely after having the other two pugs. We had put down our 18-year-old cat months prior, and thought "maybe we'll get a cat" for Penny. We ended up getting her two cat friends.

      Penny loves FOOD - as you'll see from her size. She is actually a decendant of one of my husband's pugs he had for 15 years. She would be a grand-daughter I believe.

      She likes walks, loves kids and cats or dogs ... will lick any random person to death if they allow her to. She doesn't like the vacuum, loves to cuddle and thinks at all of nearly 32 lbs, that she is a lap-dog any day of the week! Not so much!

      She absolutely loves stuffed animals of any kind. She carries them around the house, and can not go to bed without one. Sometimes she grabs them by the neck and rag-dolls them half to death. Her second favouite thing in life is sleeping. She loves to cuddle and wake up with people.

Penny the Pug, the Dog of the Day Penny the Pug, the Dog of the Day Penny the Pug, the Dog of the Day

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