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Duke the Labrador Retreiver,  Basset Hound Mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Duke
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador Retreiver, Basset Hound mix
Home: New York, USA
   I adopted Duke and his brother Luke from my local animal shelter in June 2011. They have the body of a Lab with the legs of a Basset Hound. They are brothers and were around eleven months old when I got them. The poor little guys spent nearly their whole life at the humane society as they were dropped off at eight weeks. The shelter didn't want to split them up and not too many people are willing to take two dogs, so I gladly took them both. All they want is a little love and attention and they definitely found it here! Luke is a little more hyper and won't sit still for a decent picture, but I got one picture of them together.

     When I first adopted Duke he was shy and kept to himself quite a bit. I know he was adopted once before for about a month and the shelter thought he and his brother had been abused, even during that short time. After a few weeks of love and affection he started to feel a little more at home. Instead of curling up at the other end of the couch he now tries to curl up on my lap, all 60 pounds of him! We go for a nightly walk, which I can tell he really looks forward to because he races to the door when I even mention the word "walk." He loves to play with his toys, specifically his tennis ball and he has a strange love for empty water bottles. Most dogs beg at the table for food and Duke just wants your bottle!

     Duke doesn't know too many tricks, but is very good at catching balls or a frisbee when we play outside. Sometimes he likes to just lay in the sun and other times he runs around like crazy chasing his brother. He is very good around other animals and has gotten a lot of attention around the neighborhood because he's so unique looking, being so long and short. I can't imagine him being at the shelter for so long. Once I saw his cute little face (and his brother, too!) I knew I wanted to take them both home!

Duke the Labrador Retreiver,  Basset Hound Mix, the Dog of the Day Duke the Labrador Retreiver,  Basset Hound Mix, the Dog of the Day

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